We received an email from Christian, he was on holiday in the Algarve with his wife and 14 month old daughter, Sofie and wanted some studio images of their little one before they went home.

This lovely couple were from Norway and had been travelling Spain and Portugal for the last month and were 2 days from going home, they arrived into the studio all free an easy with Sofie in their arms, she was a bit wary of me at first which is normal, we headed out to the back of the studio to our family seating area and chatted for a while so Sofie could get used to me.

We started but just taking a few of her sitting, so she could get used to the flashes, however she was more interested in our bunny.


Sofie was such a little dear, and she wondered round the studio no problem, we always let children be children and never force them to do anything as when the tears come there is no stopping them, but we had no problems with Sofie and managed to get some lovely shots for her parents.

We hope you all get back to Norway safe and sound and that we see you all back in the Studio when you return to the Algarve.

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