Commercial Studio Shoot – Chase Brides


What a mad day, 3 models, Makeup Artist, client and assistant, 2 photographers & Assistant as well as web designer/art director all in the studio to start the Chase Bride Photoshoot for their rebranding and online catalogue and it was an awesome day.

commercial studio shoot

Duane from Connected Wed Design contacted us a month ago to tell us he is rebranding Chase Brides Website and they are going to be focusing heavily on a online store and would we be interested in shooting their online catalogue,  We know Kristina the owner of chase brides so we jumped at the chance to work with her on this exciting new project so after a meeting in our studio we outlined the shoot and and Kristina agreed on the look she wanted to go for and the date was set.

Kristina supplied the three Models to be used Kat, Heather & Amy who were awesome and we of course used our regular Make up artist Soraia from Love your Style who always makes our models look stunning.

It was a long day and we was all exhausted at the end of it but we had many laughs and Kristina got the images she needed. another shoot is scheduled for October as Chase Brides have a vast stock of dresses to offer their clients and we are all looking forward to creating more images for her.

A big Shout out to Wes from Algarve DJ Hire who transported all the dresses to the Studio




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The team for the days shoot.

Heather, Soraia, Kellie, Kristina, Brandon, James, Amy, Aimee, Kat

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